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Sargon 1978

May 20, 2020

In an ideal world I would have been using the Covid-19 lockdown to improve and refine Tarrasch. Unfortunately it’s far from an ideal world, and instead of that I’ve been porting the ancient chess program Sargon (1978 version!) so it can run on modern machines.

I have put a lot (frankly a ridiculous amount) of effort into the project. But I’ve finally finished, and if you are interested in retro computing and would like to play Sargon 1978 on Tarrasch, you can check out the whole project on the project Github page.

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  1. Robert C. Maddox permalink
    May 26, 2020 5:56 am

    I remember Sargon! I had a copy that ran on my Commodore Vic 20, using my black and white TV for a monitor. This is very cool, thanks for sharing your work. Are you going to post about this at TalkChess? If not, do you mind if I do? I’m firing it up in Tarrasch right now. I’ve always been a duffer so I’m sure I’ll lose.

    • May 26, 2020 6:30 am

      Hello Robert, I’m glad you like it. I have talked about it in TalkChess, but in the programming section. I had a little bit of feedback, but mostly of the “great thanks, I’ll look later, keep us posted” type. I am not going to keep them posted, because the project is complete! I tried for once to make a perfect project, complete in every detail, before I told anyone about it. Actually, it would be great if someone other than me posted about it in the general section, after having a play with it. So please do!

  2. Bryan Whitby permalink
    June 7, 2020 2:55 pm

    Thanks Bill

    I am able to play against Sargon on my full size wooden Certabo electronic chess board and am really impressed. I remember years ago ordering the Sargon book from my local library to look at the code.
    Regards for England

  3. M.D. permalink
    October 17, 2020 3:32 pm

    Thanks ,it brings back happy times , Sargon ,White Knight and Cyrus Chess .-
    M.D. Tr30 1995.

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