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Tarrasch V3.10b

November 4, 2018

From my perspective the worst thing about providing a program to a substantial audience is managing the process of releasing new versions of the program to introduce new functionality and repair known flaws. I’d love to be able to guarantee that each new version was a monotonic improvement on previous versions, and it stresses me that I can’t make that guarantee. That’s one reason why until recently I left Tarrasch unchanged for 18 months, it was just less stressful that way.

As you no doubt realise, this is just a long winded way of saying I’ve pushed out an updated version today to address a very annoying problem that meant that V3.10a was not a monotonic improvement in all respects over the earlier release V3.03a.

Sometimes (often?) after a database search Windows was stealing the focus from Tarrasch and giving it to another program (often Chrome). Possibly this was an undesirable artifact from the improved resizability of the database window. Fixing this involved changing one line of code. Tarrasch now (re)asserts focus after a database search. That’s all I’ve changed for now, although I have ideas and plans that I want to release sooner rather than later.

My apologies to anyone affected by this problem, and for the necessity of this release.

On another topic, I actually owe Tarrasch users a more elaborate description of recent improvements than the brief outline that appears in the “News” section of the website. That website needs some updates as well to reflect the new improvements. Sadly I am just too busy at the moment to provide either of these things. I’ll get to it soon, I promise.

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