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Tarrasch V3 Released Successfully

December 7, 2016

As I described in a previous blog post, I finally released Tarrasch V3 on November 25th. Through some mechanism that remains a mystery to me, people noticed and download frequency went up immediately. Around a thousand downloads in the first day, over five thousand in total now after twelve days or so.

In the days following the release I developed a weird kind of anxiety I haven’t experienced with Tarrasch before. No doubt this was due to the release being the culmination of an awful lot of work. Tarrasch V3 is a tiny insignificant thing in the world – but for me it’s something of a big deal and if it turned out that I’d released prematurely and made some hideously embarrassing error it would have been bitterly disappointing. For several days I couldn’t bear to even run my own program – I was too worried it would just crash hopelessly in some trivial way due to an obvious use case I’d somehow neglected.

Happily I got over than after a few days, and started poking around and even stretching my program a little again. The dreaded deluge of angry emails I was imagining didn’t materialise, and instead I got a trickle :- (not a deluge unfortunately), of nice feedback instead.

The title of this post is “Tarrasch V3 Released Successfully” and basically this means that Tarrasch V3 has finally replaced Tarrasch V2, and as far as I can tell the transition has been a smooth one.

This is not to say that there are no problems – but I think the ones that have come to my attention so far at least are of the kind that you can reasonably expect. I will issue a .01 update in due course and life will go on. At this point here are the issues I feel I need to fix fairly promptly;

  • At the end of a big database create or append operation, writing out a large number of discarded duplicate games to the discarded duplicates .pgn takes a long time and this delay is not predicted or acknowledged by the progress indicator (the user might wrongly perceive that the program has crashed).
  • If there are more tabs than can be comfortably accommodated – the most recent tabs aren’t selectable until older tabs are deleted to make room.
  • If the vertical resolution is less than 766 pixels, the option engine dialog doesn’t let the user change engines.
  • I think I was wrong to move the position heading (“Position after 1.e4” etc) from the frame to the board pane by default. On all but very large screens it takes too much room.




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