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Setting a Goal

October 26, 2015

I’ve been plugging away, a few hours each and every week, trying to make Tarrasch V3 a reality. I’d really like to see some light at the end of the tunnel. There are other things I want to work on, other things to explore. I’ve had a wake-up call this year, none of us are immortal, we need to make sure we find time to enjoy life while we can.

So. New goal. I want to make a useful Beta version of Tarrasch V3 available by the end of November. Anyone interested will be able to download and use the program. It won’t initially be as easy to download and install as Tarrasch V2, but it won’t be rocket science either. It won’t be perfect (or anything close to that), but it will be useful and it will be able to do interesting and significant things Tarrasch V2 doesn’t. After that I’ll try to publish progressive enhancements until the real program is available sometime early in the new year,

When I first started this blog the idea was to document step by step the process of developing the Tarrasch Chess GUI. In many ways, using Github as an integral part of my development process renders this original idea moot. Just click on the following link to track me as I develop Tarrasch;

Finally (for now) I did suggest right from the start I might also write more general posts on development of chess software, and I’ve decided it’s well past time for me to do precisely that. I’ve prepared a big blog post on how I compress chess moves offline, and I’ve just published it as the previous post on this blog. I don’t expect this to appeal to many people, but who knows, it might be interesting or useful to someone sometime.

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