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Journal Entry #9

October 31, 2010

Progress has stalled in the last two weeks as we have moved house. It’s a huge disruption and doesn’t leave much time for hobby programming. The good news is that we are more or less settled in (there is still the task of putting literally thousands of books onto shelves in a sensible way, plus some other issues). In particular for two days in a row now I have been able to work on Tarrasch V2. I have been working again on editing game details (a note for non-programmers – coding up dialog boxes is a pain – there should be a better way – maybe I should write one), and including this in the flow of handling .pgn files.

I am sorry progress is so slow. Tarrasch V1 also had its slow periods, but nothing existed, so nobody would have been expecting anything, even if they’d have known I what I was working on (nobody knew or cared but me :-). I feel more pressure this time. I will try and ignore that pressure and just keep trying to put one foot in front of the other and I surely will get there. With luck before the end of the year.

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