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Journal Entry #7

October 14, 2010

Naturally today was spent largely watching miner after miner successfully ascend to the surface. Vamos Chile! Lovely stuff.

As much as this more essential activity allowed, I also worked on a dialog to allow the user to enter and/or edit the detail fields associated with a stored game. You know, things like the player names, site, date, round number. All that stuff. This is a small but necessary little building block. Perhaps more importantly I did some thinking. I realised that I had made a rookie mistake; I’ve been “prematurely optimising”. That is, I have been worrying about performance (speed/responsiveness) when I should have been focussing on getting the thing working first. Once it’s working I reorganise my data structures to speed things up. As it was, I was obsessing over some of the details of the data structures that would affect performance, at the expense of making progress.

The exciting thing is, I can now see fairly clearly a path ahead that should deliver something functional, with the essential elements of my Tarrasch V2 vision in place, in  a reasonably short amount of time. There will be a million refinements after that, but it will be a big milestone. I can feel it in my bones now.

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