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Journal Entry #6

October 11, 2010

I can report that this blogging exercise is working. No really. Even though I have been suffering for a while from the programmer’s equivalent to writer’s block, the need to report something, anything on this blog has forced me to at least try to code in recent days. Today this actually bore (a little) fruit. Today I got a feature I have planned for a long time up and running. The feature is under the File menu, and I currently call it Games: Current file.

When you open a .pgn file, you are presented with a list of games from the file (of course). Typically you will pick one of these games to work with. When you are done looking at that game, the Games: Current file feature is very useful. It takes you instantaneously back to the list of games from the most recently opened .pgn file, exactly as you left that list. Windows programmers might like to think of this as a simulated modeless dialog box. That is, although you nominally dismissed the games list dialog box when you first picked a game, you effectively still have the dialog box instantaneously available using the Games: Current file feature.

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  1. Yves permalink
    October 11, 2010 6:06 pm

    I like this to do some exercice like suite of “mat in x step” or learning opening or do some work with a list of final game.

    More and more i’m enthousiast to see the 2.0 😉

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