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Journal Entry #4

October 5, 2010

Yesterday I decided to *not* jump straight into promotion/demotion from/to text. I have promotion and demotion, and that is good enough for now. Just to be clear, promotion and demotion refers to promoting a subvariation to a variation, and demoting a variation to a subvariation. This is standard stuff. Promoting and demoting from/to text is my own idea. For example promoting from text will allow you to type out a variation as a text comment, then promote it to a variation you can step through. I will get to these features, but they promotion and demotion had taken too much time already and I want to fill more gaping holes in the feature set first.

So. yesterday I did some thinking, and today I did some coding, in the area of .pgn file input and output. For some time I have had the ability to read a game, complete with arbitrarily deep subvariations and comments, from a .pgn file. Obviously I want to be able to write games to .pgn files as well.

Today I made a start on that. When you open a .pgn, a list of games is presented. This is going to be enhanced to be a kind of “file view” (as opposed to the normal game/board view) that will have increasingly rich capability. What do I mean by “made a start” ? Well now, as well as loading a game you can click on any column (“White”, “White Elo”, “Black”, “Black Elo”, “Date” etc., 10 columns altogether) and sort the games by that column. Click again to reverse sort. Standard stuff, but tricky to do and absolutely required and essential, so I am happy to have made one more step on the road.

I have promised a list of features, which will make it easier for me to write these step by step Journal Entries, but right now I am out of time!

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  1. Yves permalink
    October 5, 2010 7:08 pm

    You’re ROCK and i’m will be happy to see the first release candidate šŸ˜‰
    Step by step is the right expression šŸ˜‰


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